Dishy Dapper
Dishy \ˈdi-shē\
1. [primarily british slang] Attractive, Good-looking

Dapper \ˈda-pər\
1. a: neat and trim in appearance
b. very spruce and stylish

Hi everyone this tumblr is basically filled with all the clothes and styles I drool over.

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New Fashion Icon!

Kristine Ullebø! I love her fashion sense. It’s so free spirited and fun! 

Check out her blog!

high waisted shorts! Need more pairs! 

my child will be wearing this! <3


awkward pose brought to you by yours truly.
Petit Bateau top. Ann Mashburn shirt. Baldwin jeans. Sam Edelman loafers.


Oh my gosssssh! Okay Anthropologie has come out with their new winter catalog and it is amazing! Just posted 3 photos from the catalog!